Lynnwood Reformed Church presently holds traditional worship at 9:45 a.m. each Sunday. Worship is led by Pastor Garret Szantner and supported by Jason White, seminary student, who works with our children and youth. He also brings the message at least once a month.

Worship is supported by the Chancel Choir and Director of Music Ministries, Jean LaCrosse, a superb organist, well accomplished in music ministry. Then on occasion, various other guests are invited to add their touch of music ministry to the service. Youth are presently being invited to participate in a more key role.


Welcome to Lynnwood Reformed Church.

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Sunday Service 9:45 am 

Sunday Service 9:45 am (July/August 9:00)

 Kids Explorations (Pre-K through 5th) @ 10 am (July/August 9:15)

Sermon Talk Back with the pastor Sundays at 11:20 am

Lynnwood Church presently has traditional worship on Sundays at 9:45 a.m. Occasionally alternative worship music is used within the services, led by Jean LaCrosse our Director of Music Ministries. 
Jean LaCrosse is an accomplished organist/musician who leads traditional worship with the chancel choir.  She also oversees the Suburban Sounds, who combine with the Lynnwood choir on occasion for special events. In October Jean and the Suburban Sounds packed the house for their "Prayers for Peace" music service.  Worship, along with special events in the  sanctuary, have been enhanced by the addition of the screens. PowerPoint and pictures are used occasionally during messages.

Join us for worship and consider stepping forward to help shape two styles of worship that meet the needs of a multi-generational community in the Guilderland and surrounding area.

Pastor Szantner


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