Pastor Garrett

From the Pastor's Desk:

            I remember how I carefully, yet confidently, scooted my way to the end of the pew to follow my mom and grandma as they entered into the great procession of people heading forward to receive communion.

            I was five years old, curious and yearning to participate in the holy feast of the Eucharist, yet old enough to know that I was not allowed to take communion in the Catholic Church since I had yet to receive my first communion. My careful movements were meant escape attention, and my confidence was to make those who were suspicious to think I was warranted in going forward. I remember inching forward until finally I made it to the priest. He took one look at me and said, ‘you know what, why you don’t help me serve communion?’

            So for a few minutes I helped to serve communion to the good people of this particular Catholic parish in Glen Arbor, Michigan. After all was done, the priest put his hand on my head, blessed me, and sent me back to sit with my grandma and mom. We three recall this moment and laugh about it often. Who would have thought that years later I would again find myself at the front of the church offering God’s abundance of grace to people, though this time as an ordained minister? 

            I was truly blessed by this experience, but not only because the priest laid his hand upon me. I was blessed by the way he welcomed me. This kind priest did not turn me away (though he could have), rather, he invited me into something far greater than I could understand at that moment, but which would have a lasting impact. His hospitality taught me I was welcome. He taught me that God embraces our seeking after him; though just as I served communion rather than received it, the end of our search might look different than that we originally expect. I imagine that the people who came forward were blessed to find a little one serving them communion. I imagine many were blessed that day because of the faithful, hospitable act of that priest.

            My prayer for you is that wherever you find yourself - be it searching for God, seeking him on the journey of faith, or deepening your commitment to him – that you might find Lynnwood to be like unto that faithful priest. I pray that Lynnwood is a community open to the work of the Holy Spirit in such a way that people are unconditionally embraced and invited into something greater than is understood at the time - namely, the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ. My hope is that through faithful and meaningful worship, rich and playful fellowship and relational mission in Guilderland and beyond, the Holy Spirit leads us to find our identity as beloved children of a generous God, and our vocation as imitators of Christ Jesus.




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